Statistics for other years: Zeitgeist 2014

WriteToThem sent a total of 171,186 messages to elected representatives (and Lords) in the year 2014.

This included 62,007 messages to MPs, and 109,179 to other elected representatives.

36,161 people answered our feedback survey about communicating with their MP in 2014.

The survey asked whether people had had a reply (not just an acknowledgement) from their representative.

People were surveyed initially after 2 weeks, and if they didn't answer, were surveyed again after 3 weeks. Because of this, and because of the way different people interpret the survey, you should interpret the WriteToThem Zeitgeist figures with caution.

Also, comparing percentage response rates can be misleading: if you are planning to do so, please read more about that on our blog.

Journalists: Please feel free to use the data on these pages, but if you do you must cite in the body of your articles as the source of any analysis or data you get from this site. Statistics without a referenced source are dangerous, so please do this.

Note: While some MPs are very slow at responding to constituents mail, that doesn't mean they aren't otherwise active in or around Parliament on behalf of their constituents. You can see MPs voting record, committee memberships and interests on their TheyWorkForYou page.