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Writing to Emma McClarkin MEP, East Midlands.


  • Please be polite, concise and to the point; if you abuse your MEP you devalue the service for all users.
  • Use your own words; we block copied-and-pasted identical messages.
  • It’s a waste of time writing to MEPs other than your own; your message will be ignored.
  • MEPs can help you on proposed European directives (laws), and questions on the European Parliament, Commission, or Union. However, once passed, EU laws become the responsibility of the UK to implement, so you may wish to go back and contact your MP about them in that case. Similarly if your letter is about a local or national issue, please go back and contact a regional or national representative, as your MEP will be unable to help you in that case.
  • Note that MEPs cannot help raise an issue with the European Court of Human Rights. The Convention is incorporated into UK law, so any challenge must start in the UK legal system.

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