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Writing to Boris Johnson MP, Uxbridge and South Ruislip.

Click here to understand why doing otherwise is A Bad Thing.

If you are not a constituent and wish to contact Boris Johnson, you may write to him at the address below:

  • The Rt Hon Boris Johnson
  • Prime Minister
  • 10 Downing Street
  • London
  • SW1A 2AA

If you are a constituent of Uxbridge and South Ruislip, read on...


  • Please be polite, concise and to the point; if you abuse your MP you devalue the service for all users.
  • Use your own words; we block copied-and-pasted identical messages.
  • It’s a waste of time writing to MPs other than your own; your message will be ignored.
  • Read this to learn when a MP can help you – and when they can’t.
  • Find out more about Boris Johnson on TheyWorkForYou.

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